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No wonder it was especially wonderful on my tongue.I was absolutely stunned. I was getting the most amazing blowjob ever from my girlfriends little si...ter. I was shocked, and in heaven at the same time. My girlfriend just leaned back against the wall and fingered herself while she took it all in. God this was hot.Then, out of the wonderful purse, she pulled out a strap-on. How did I not know she had that?! She slides in on, straps it in place, then raises up her sister's ass and plunges it into. I put my hand on her smooth tanned thigh and waited to she if she'd do anything .. she didn't, just kept grinding. I moved my hand up her thigh and as I did I noticed a small wet spot forming on the front of her shorts, them being pink it was quite obvious, this just got me going even more. I kept on moving and slowly cupped her bum in my hand. She had started whimpering now and started rocking my hips under her pushing up and rubbing against her. Thinking I could get away with it I slipped my. But here, now, watching Heather rising and falling on my throbbing cock, this was different. This meant so much more as she mewled to herself as she forced her pussy down to the root and did a little corkscrew that made the head of my organ press deep inside her so that I rubbed her in a certain way that made her gasp out loud, screw her eyes tightly shut, and gyrate her hips furiously against me.In those secret moments, I squeezed and massaged her self-stockinged thighs with my hands before. Second hand machines were at a premium. I took a deep breath and forked out four thousand pounds for a new, five hundred cc, Royal Enfield Bullet.It was exactly what I wanted. The registration letters, ending KAO – Kilo Alpha Oscar – led me to dub the machine 'Oscar' and once I'd told the grands that was its name, it stuck.Oscar gave me back a freedom I'd forgotten, and re-entry into the world of bikers. I couldn't go many places without finding some enthusiast salivating over Oscar. I was a.

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