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The pat down continued as she started tracing her palms up my sides. Both her hands gradually slid forward under the wires of my bra. I couldn’t hel... closing my eyes as she wrapped her hands around my breasts. My nipples stiffened under her touch. “Hmm, I feel something unusual,” she murmed as she traced circles over the fabric, increasing my arousal. Was she teasing me? For the first time, the male agent seemed to take notice with raised eyebrows. “Please undress,” she asked as her hands. I informed the captain of the results of my data analysis and requested that we position the ship and the work platform on either side of a planetoid in case this thing turned itself into a short-lived pulsar. He asked, "You mean to tell me that this thing might develop stellar-level energy densities?" I replied, "Well, I'm going to need three fusion plants aboard the experimental platform to drive it." His reply? "And those idiots fired this thing up in their landing bay. Criminal. It leaves a. Alexis Rheaves was not the type of girl to have sex before marriage, I kept telling myself. However, things were fixing to change as I was accepted into my dream college... which was, incidentally, hours away from my parents. My parents saw me off with stern warnings to focus on school and not pay attention to any potential distractions, which I quickly agreed to... without much actual conviction. My mind was already swimming with ideas on what I could do without anyone looming over me. Moving. 'So you were watching us, ' thought Miranda smugly, 'Good.'"Hello, Cerulean City," said the woman with her patented 'dealing with the public' smile as she adjusted the microphone stand to her height, "Today I'd like to read you something I wrote over dinner last night. Which I suppose is ironic considering the first prize today."Several people in the crowd chuckled as Miranda opened the nearly tome sized black book she carried and opened it to the half way mark. 'Actually, ' she mused,.

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