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Aagle din se vo hitesh ki life jine laga use bada maza aa raha tha ek alag life jeene me vo pura dehradun ghumta kabhi kabhi masuri bhi chala jata or ...hub injoy karta par vo bhi thoda thoda sanjana ki taraf kich raha tha par usne aapen jazbato ko kabu me rakha hua tha ek subah subah jab ashish utha to kya dekhta he sanjana toliya lapet kar bed room me aa gayi he or uske samne hi kapde badal rahi he vo uski jawani ko dekh kar pagal hone laga par vo kuch karna nahi cahta tha iss liye waha se uth. When the pulses were totally gone, she felt Kevin's fingers gripping the T-shaped base of the anal torpedo. He tugged steadily and twisted it slightly back and forth as he pulled it out of her. She felt his finger slide into her as soon as the torpedo had come out, and was surprised that it did not feel as if there was much resistance to that intrusion. She must have remained slightly open after the dildo was removed.Kevin stood behind her and again began rubbing his body against her. He. She would usually wait in the girls washroom a while before going home. That’s when I came up behind her.-Hello Mandy!She turned around with her normal depressed look and told me-Stop making fun of me…please-Do not worry I will not make fun of you. I just wanted to ask you…can we talk a bit?-I need to go home.-I can accompany you…you live around where?-Cara street.-That is not too much out of my way.-Why you want to talk with me?-Uhh...let’s just say I cannot stand what the others are doing to. The one thrown would scramble to his feet, and meet the rush of the other. It was a draw. Nether could get an advantage over the other.The moon traversed the sky, and still they fought. Finally, at daybreak of the third day of battle, they started to use large amounts of power. They were trying to disrupt the body of the other. They glowed.I watched, fascinated. Then it happened. Every movement slowed to a crawl. It was a peculiar happening. I watched as one demigod started to compact on.

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