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I don't know how Molly got herself and Sarah both out there, on the clock, at 2 p.m., but at the very stroke of 2, there they came. They were wrapped ...n their big towels -- just as they'd been, three weekends ago when I'd first seen them out there. The weather was more reliably hot now. A little breeze would have been welcomed, but my ladies were troopers. They were preparing to take a little sun!I had my bar chair -- tall and comfortable. I had arranged icy refreshments at arm's length, and. .. exact ... same ... thing." It's ... I mean ... it's something that Wes says all the time when he's talking about girls," I stammered. "He says it so much, and I felt so lucky to be with you while knowing how bad he wanted you ... I don't know. It just popped out. So ... I'm sorry. I've never talked to Wes about sex with you."She shrugged, and I was offended that whether I was telling the truth or not didn't seem to matter a lot to her."It's all part of it," she said dismissively."Part of. It was already a bit late and we decided to go out for some drinks. My 30 year old slim, gorgeous girlfriend wore a short skirt, tight top and no underwear. She rarely does.As we passed the reception guy he gave my girl a thorough examination and clearly enjoyed what he saw. I love men of all ages admiring my partner and so was happy to see him undress her with his eyes.We went to 2 or 3 bars and had a few too many cocktails. My gf was getting pretty drunk and danced with several guys in the. I'll straighten you out." Ronny pulled out a card from his pocket. "I'm leaving this right here on your porch. Don't forget."Then just like that, he walked away, and suddenly it was a quiet peaceful day all over again.'Where am I going to get $750 by Friday?' thought Elyse as she walked down the hall to her bedroom with cheeks still flushed.In her bedroom, she stepped in front of the mirror. Letting her towel drop, she grabbed a pink set of underwear with floral mesh design and slid on those.

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