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She was wearing a loose fitting cream jumper over faded blue jeans, which showed off her figure perfectly. My little fella was stirring, getting ready...to stand to attention.“Well, that’s a lovely thought!” I said, returning the flirty look, my mind secretly wandering back to places it had already been once tonight.As I stood behind her and went to kiss her on the cheek, she said “ooh, there’s naughty!” and moved her head to one side, exposing more of her creamy white neck. I couldn’t resist. At that time I worked as Night security supervisor at a centre in the city of London. Over the years due to the long hours my job took me away from wife Sarah I,d gotten involved in affairs, but had told Sarah afterwards as it was a great turn on for both our sex lives, even more so as my wife had few opportunities to have sex with others like I did. In the summer of 1987 a new guard started working nights with me named Guy. Guy was two inches taller than me, Good looking and rather dark. It worked as I was completely flat in front with no chance of anythingpopping up, so to speak. I saw mother watch as I expertly slid on a newpair pantyhose and finally stood before both."Very nice figure, and lovely lingerie you picked out for her, Grace. Istepped into the silky black dress that fell to mid-thigh. Mother zippedme up as Grace adjusted my breast in the dress. Without being told Iwalked over to the closet, picked up my heels, and as if I'd been doingit all my life, easily stepped. At the top of the stairs was a half open door and I couldn’t resist a peak inside, it was the master bedroom which again didn’t disappoint. There was a huge four-poster bed and mirrored wardrobes running the length of one wall, stylish and kinky – I was impressed! I thought of them together messing up the sheets and began wondering what exactly Mike was packing in those shorts. I didn’t want to get caught being nosey so I headed off to the bathroom which again was gorgeous with a sunken bath.

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