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Ladies, flat on your backs. Men, hold her ankles. Chrissy has already done more than 10 so get moving ... Chrissy, you can stop now. Everybody else is...done. Men, it’s your turn to show the ladies what you can do. Lie down. Ladies, hold their ankles. Its situp time. Some of you guys are doing quite well. Ladies, when you are ready, show him how much he is appreciated. And don’t be shy about it.”I looked around. At least 30 couples were coupling. Oh wait, two more non-exercisers made it at least. I had a delivery to make on Friday but gave the money to Lesley to buy the tickets. I told her I'd be back through the next day for the party."Joe, you do know that I might not be with you most of the evening. You can be with all the women you want. They will be from the age of eighteen to probably seventy. We will have a room to crash in for the night. I just want you to understand that it's a big party." I'm a big boy, Lesley. I have no doubt that you'll be rather popular. I'm not the jealous. “Gentlemen, if you came to report to Lord Collingwood, I cannot give you much hope. His Lordship is gravely ill and we fear that he is only days from meeting his maker.”Tony was certain that he lost all his colour, for Berry nodded sadly.“Yes, indeed. A great man is dying. From time to time he is still lucid. I shall undertake to ask him if he is willing to see you. I shall make a flag signal then. He always spoke well of you.”“That would be kind, Sir Edward.”“Be that as it may, gentlemen, may. Surely she'd done enough for the pleasure of these rough men? Surely they didn'texpect her to surrender her virginity as well? She threw a despairing glance ayTony. "Go on, Cunt," he said." You know you want to." "But I..." Tricia's protests were lost as the powerful Hal dragged her into thebedroom. He threw her naked body onto the bed and stood, grinning down at her. "Spread your legs you whore," he said. "I got just what you want." Tricia watched anxiously as he undid his jeans and freed his.

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