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"Don't expect me to find someone immediately. Finding a girlfriend can take a long time." Noah and Connor seemed to accept my explanation about girlfr...ends."Are you interested in going to the Delaware game tomorrow with your mother and me?" Dad asked. "I'm sure Andy could scrounge up a ticket for you if you want to go." I don't know," I said. "I was planning on watching Penn State/Michigan State on TV in the afternoon." When is your game?" Dad asked. "It may not be a problem. Andy's game isn't. They won’t fit you, but at least they’ll be dry. You’ll catch pneumonia if you stay in those wet clothes.’ Yolanda agreed and threw the car in park. We raced the raindrops and each other up the stairs to my apartment. I hurriedly unlocked and opened the door. A bolt of lightning raced across the sky and illuminated the night. Before surrendering the tiny bathroom to Yolanda, I grabbed a towel for myself. Closing the door to the bathroom, she said, ‘Thanks.’ I stripped in the kitchen. My. .kissing her…. taking his dick out asking her how much can u take? and thrusting all his meat inside…must have been a intense mix of pain n pleasure….She was n the verge of another orgasm when she said mujhe pura do (give me everything)…. gaya was gringind her ….. he said yeh hui na bat , yeh pura apka hai ( now you talking , this dick is all yours ).Saying this he picked her up with his dick inside her put on her knees…. bend her enough…. i couldn’t see much so i moved from the hiding gap and. What was to become of him?He read more. Did he want to suck a cock, like a lot of sissies? Did hewant to wear a diaper? Did he want to be soaked by a golden shower?He didn't know. He was just a sissy.* * *He was 17, a high school senior. His mother had bought him a yellow promdress.This was nuts. He wasn't going to wear it. Hell, he wasn't going to theProm. No date. He wasn't going to be one of those geeks who hung out withthe other geeks so they can act cool.He felt the material. Taffeta..

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