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"You're a long way from home," Schreck said."There's good money out here," the blonde girl in the leopard-print dress shrugged. She lit up a cigarette..."Romania, ain't that Dracula country?" Blasko asked.The girls laughed."You're safe," the blonde girl with the red cocktail dress sitting next to Lee said. She opened her mouth to show off her perfect white teeth. "See. No fangs." The only thing we like to suck is cock," Blasko's girl said. The American squirmed in surprise and then broke out in a. As i walked past him to get to one of the other urinals i felt my cock get harder the nice soft feel of my silk pink knickers start to get tight around my member. Once he realized i was in the loo the guys pace had slowed down but defiantly not stopped, and as i unzipped and pulled down my jeans the sound of his hand sliding up and down his cock got me even harder. By the time i slid down my knickers (making sure the if he risked a look at me he’d see the sissy pink to them) I was at full. She had given up smoking after her first, but didn’t mind the smell on him, it was simply part of this fascinating man. They cuddled together in front of the hotel waving and shooting for the trinkets being thrown to the revelers. Sadie and Kurt laughed at the theme floats, and gasped at the beauty of the costumes. They both cheered at the flambeaux men that lighted the parades way dancing with there torches. In Kurt’s arms she felt the thrill of new love, and an astounding depth of nostalgia.. She released the panties from her hands and let them fall around her left foot and ankle. She raised her left foot, capturing the panties on the top of her foot and presented them to him.Without his eyes ever leaving hers, he reached out and removed the offered panties from her foot, which she lowered to the floor. She stood still as if awaiting further instructions and watched him bring her panties to his face to smell her scent on them. “God, that was hot”, she thought.When he just sat in.

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