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And then one last time - back arched, ass high off the bed. Totally uncaring about noise, mess, who might be listening. Nothing, nobody, no one else m...ttered. You slumped on my chest, those wonderful breasts trapped between us, our heartbeats battering away, each trying to outdo the other. Our breathing heavy and deep as we fought to gain some semblance of control. Truly the fuck to end all fucks. Then as you eased off me you realised that my cock, almost steaming in the dawn’s early light and. It seemed like hours I'd been eating my lovely Wendy's pussy, but it couldn't have been that long. I didn't want it to end—God, but I didn't!—but I felt my second orgasm build, and I knew I couldn't hold back for much longer. My face and Wendy's thighs were wet with her juices, and she kept humping my face, even as she sat up to peer at our guest and his contribution to our fucking.My toes began to tingle with the onset of my orgasm, and, impossibly, I started to lick her even faster, and she. " Donald said with a rueful expression."Donald. Is this going to cause a problem with your group?" It shouldn't. Your medical credentials are impeccable. And we all know why you did what you did. Stephen will be a blowhard, but he is not a full board member. How did this come about?" Well, you remember the staff we had? Well we have three lawyers working night and day filing exemptions and selection requests for social value. Cathy and mine came through last night, mine with a provision." So,. He won't hurt her. Let her enjoy herself - he's an amazing fuck." That didn't really make me feel any better - just harder! "How long will they be gone?" "Not long. He just wants to conquer her initially. Then he'll want to come back and parade his victory in front of you. He'll want you to know she enjoyed fucking him. It's all about his power over both of you." I don't know how I let this happen!" I confided. "Because he's the alpha male." Gail was right. Then she started to explain what.

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