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”“I’ve explained, before. It’s not much to ask and in return you have your home here without problems. Lady Henderby might not look kindly on ... bar-boy that thought himself able to ignore the calls of his betters. Besides, from my recollection, you have not been unwilling in our previous encounters.”It was true, Tim thought to himself. When he had first been approached by this mysterious woman with her half enticing, half threatening seduction he had been flattered and had lost his virginity to. Her body rocked forward and back as Marcus increased his pace, hewas reaming his cock deep into her womb the head pushing through her cervixas he pounded her. The sensation pushed her over into a second orgasm. Asshe moaned around a mouth full of cock she heard Marcus cry in pleasure."O fuck yes baby, I'm cuming o yes I'm cuming, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"Beth's body seemed to shake to orgasm after orgasm as Marcus pumped hisseed deep into her hot convulsing pussy. The old man pulled his cock fromher. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I got him hard, and when his come shot into the air I took that as a reward. The pleasure wasn't sexual, it was intellectyual.He applied himself in learning how to do me, and that meant doing something that would have been ahbhorrent to the girls at school: I spread my legs and let him look "down there".As far as I can tell, boys aren't supposed to see girls "down there" except in a strip club. Even then, the boy is supposed to get only a brief flash,. She finally breaks. "I can't wait anymore, fuck it." She says. She undoes her seat belt and dives over the center console, getting on top of me. She kisses me. I undo my seat belt as well and recline in the passenger seat of the car. The sun had set. It was dark. I take off her sports bra, letting the two toned beauties emerge. B Breasts, perfect about for me. I break our kiss and peck at her ears and neck, giving her nipples playing tugs and twists (she loved that). I make my way, pecking.

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