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After being married for twenty-three years, I needed to spice up my life. Dave and I were forty-five years old and had no children. We had missionary ...ex once a week.Dave had worked as an accountant since graduating, and I had resigned from the administration job eight years ago to be a housewife. The first week at home showed me that I was going to be bored out of my mind.I took up several hobbies such as hiking and baking cookies, which Dave took to work and handed to colleagues. He bragged. How could anyone not want to suck that!? I could feel hands starting explore to me from behind. That quickly multiplied and as i came up for air i realised we were surrounded by quite a crowd of guys either feeling me up or waiting to get their cocks sucked. It did feel like those scenes in zombie movies where they close on some poor teenager in the woods!He didn't last long - he had been waiting for me for quite a while (it takes time to get this gorgeous)! I then proceeded to suck a couple of. Main Pune mein ek apartment mein rahta hu. Humare flat ke niche ek family ayi hui hai jo ke Rajasthan se hai. Us family mein sirf 3 log hai aunty, unke pati aur unki 18 saal ke ladki. Aunty ke pati businessman hai, to jyada tar woh ghar ke bahar he rahte hai. Sirf raat ko ghar aya karte hai aur subha hote he chale jate the.Unki beti bhi padhai kar rahi hai to woh bhi jyada tar ghar se bahar hee rahti hai college and classes ke liye. To pehle mujhe uss aunty ke bare mein koi feelings nahi thi.. Pinching it , kissing my nipple slow. And squeezing it slowly. Caressing my breast. Suckling my nipple darker and deep. ‘ your delicious ‘she moaned. Diving to my vagina the suckling on my vagina grew hotter. Darker. Hot. Caressing my vagina and biting it slowly. Layering me in her hot soft kisses and licks. Tugging it ,, stroking slowly kissing my vagina and biting hard. ‘ your enchanting ‘ .. as I felt a toungue slid slowly up my vagina. Swirl swirl.pecks pecks. twisting.twirling. Licking..

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