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She even found that her fling with Tom sometimes led to hotter sex with Roger, though she was careful never to do anything with him that they hadn't p...eviously done.Since Kathy's work day ended by 3:30 she had ample time to shower, wash her hair, and rinse out her aromatic panties before Roger got home from the University each day. And even her fear that he would notice her looseness if he made love to her the same day she'd had Tom turned out not to be a problem—just a few hours did the. "Anyway Sis, you are probably right about one thing, I don't want toget you diverted from cooking my breakfast do I?" he chuckled."Plenty of time for that sort of fun after I'm fed. Now get going Sis,two eggs over easy; just like you were last night if I remember," hechuckled at the joke made at my expense."Crisp bacon, toast and coffee please Sis. Chop chop, I'm hungry."I felt so humiliated, but I was relieved to be out of his reach. Atleast while I was cooking it gave me time to think about. I put on a robe and went to answer it. I was very surprised to see that it was Gina standing there. I said well hello, please come in. She said she came by so she could again apologize for the stupidity of her husband yesterday. I told their was no need, I just took is as his age and blew it off and Gina said just the same I am sorry. i told her to please excuse me for a minute, I need to use the bathroom, she asked if I needed any help, I told her maybe next time. When I got back to the front. She had to relieve her rampant urges and frustration with her fingers and an urgently-acquired toy. But, each time she masturbated, her thoughts turned to the woods: his cock thrusting into her depths, her squeals of delight, flesh slapping against flesh, and that wonderful climax, stream after stream of thick cream arcing and splashing onto her quivering body. Without a doubt, Diane was obsessed.Eventually, she realised something rather surprising about herself and the experience in Hollybush.

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