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Graduation found the usual fairly high percentage of female graduates with baby bumps. The church was booked for weddings from Memorial Day until July...4th. I went to some and neglected some others. I know I heard how Morris Betterman, Sr. was in the hospital for wrecking his car while drunk. I suppose it was similar to Janet's injuries, and he died.Mrs. Burk called a week after Mr. Betterman's funeral, and asked me if I wanted my job back. I told her that I was helping Dad on the farm since I. 30PM I received a message, to my surprise it was from Rekha. I replied saying hello, that day we almost chatted till 1 night.Next day was weekend she asked me to accompany her to the market to buy few home glossaries. We went on my bike. We finished shopping and returned. She again offered me a tea, we went to her house and I stared sipping teaRekha: Vicky do you have gf?Me: as of now I don’t have.Rekha: smilingly said don’t you like girls?Me: nothing like that, I have not found of my choice. Every night before bed you will get changed into your nightie and panties, all your male underwear is to go.And so it started, I took my pills and wore my panties.It wasn’t long that I noticed that my penis was not only getting smaller but becoming erect less frequently.“That’s just a temporary side effect” my wife would say.One night while my wife and I were sitting around watching TV there was a knock on our front door,I got up and went to see who it could be at this time of night.There to my. He kept his mother in that chamber for twenty years…’ ‘But if that is known, Manika, why are they puzzled?’ I asked. ‘Because it is obviously being used to conceal or imprison people. Kali’s priestesses had a spy hole. They could look into the lower chamber. Only half of Lord Sanji’s women are there. The rest, and Lord Sanji himself, never appear. Some of the women carry swords and daggers. Our women don’t do that normally. They seem to be guards, not zenana ladies.’ ‘Could the King be there?’.

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