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It surprised her that she wasn't ashamed doing this while other people in the room kept their eyes on her. Like Martha, she didn't manage to wipe it a...l away, but her pussy did look a little drier than a second ago.When she turned to look at Frederik, she noticed that he was smiling at her while looking at the towel."Yep! That's your doing," Sandra joked.It made Frederik slightly blush, but he still managed to say, "I didn't know I had such an effect on you." It was mostly your hands doing,". " Amen to that."Rich was my passenger for the ride home. He slept the half hour it took. Dad stayed at the trailer with Andrea, and I took the kids down Western Avenue to their home. I didn't go in. Let them be the ones to tell Mom and Sandy that their father was in town.The phone was ringing when I reached the trailer. Sis picked it up as I came in the door. "Dad is staying here. Adrian, as you know, is going back to school Monday. I'll be leaving tomorrow night. Dad has a job so he will be. Her tongue was going wild on my fingers and I was worried I might not be able to control myself. I pulled my fingers out of her hot mouth and opened the pint of ice cream.I threw the lid over to the table and dug a small spoonful out. I brought the spoon to her lips and she opened her mouth obediently. Instead of feeding her the ice cream, I drew the spoon across her bottom lip. And then again across her upper lip. She closed her eyes and moaned, but kept her mouth in exactly the same position.. This kept going on for like 2 months.One night I was doing overtime, and coincidently Alisha was also doing overtime. So, it was only 2 of us. I made up my mind that it was now or never.I got up, went to the coffee dispensing machine, and got 2 cups of coffee. I went to Alisha and gave her coffee and said,Me: A long night to cut through, huh?Alisha: Yes, I am stuck on work and got to send this tonight.Me: Where are you stuck? Need any help?Alisha: This formula is not working out.Me: Let me.

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