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Maybe the reason this was so hot to me wasn't because Amber was younger, but that she was a lesbian in training you could say. Who doesn't like fresh A minute later, without saying anything, she slowly went down towards my crotch. I had Amber pegged as a somewhat brainy student that would never be interested having sex with someone older, let alone a MILF, such as myself. I could tell she was still nervous, even though I made cum twice already, so I greased her wheels. I leaned up a bit. We have a pool in our back yard and sometimes during the day when he is at work, she might be out there on her float topless.On day back in early summer, he came home from work early and caught her out there and she could not get out and get her bikini top on the deck before he got a good look at her.That's when the flirting started and he loves catching her in the yard when I'm not around, so rather than being rude, she will talk with him there at the fence for awhile.The flirting started. . she's a very lucky little slut. If she's good I might let her kiss you and find out”. Then I shift my gaze back to her and command, “Look at my woman. You've never seen something so fucking luscious have you? And you just KNOW how dirty she can be. And you want her don't you? You want my little panty whore and you're willing to do anything to get a taste of her. Be a good little slut for US and maybe, just maybe I'll let you get a little taste of her. Do you think you're slutty enough to earn. I went out for a bit and when I came back she was sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen with Kevin. I put my arms around her and started feeling her tits. She froze but Kevin just grinned and nodded encouragement so she relaxed and let me continue feeling her tits and then I got my hand onto her cunt…it was like a horse eating hay, her lips seemed to suck my fingers inside her and she was soon close to orgasm…at which point I dragged her to the bedroom and striped her…put her on her back,.

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