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I asked her with who and she said her friend. And she brought her friend over she was a blonde but she had a big ass. I mean it was huge.she was also ...all but a little bigger than the brunette. so I told then I had a holtel not to far away and they said ok. We took my car there and went up to my room. I started to take my clothes off slowly and they ripped there's off so I ripped mine of too.I threw them omn the bed and started suckinh the brunettes nipples. And her tits were perfect I didn't. She had an amazing very fit looking body with nice small firm breasts. They were so perfect, they might even have been implants other than that they were only about a B cup. She had on a light blue tight, low cut short sleeved sweater top that ended a bit short, showing about 2 inches of her firm abdomen. She wore a very flattering pair of sleek tight black pants. She sent Paul away too. I told her he could stay and she said there would be too much girl talk and insisted he come back in an. .. -" "For real??" "Yeah... -" "No way!"Claire stared at Harry, and a silence filled the small car before being broken by the waitress tapping on the window.As she skated away, Claire munched on curly fries thoughtfully, while Harry just stared at her worriedly. When the box was finished, she had a sip of Harry's coke and turned to him."You're serious about this, yeah?" she asked. "Yeah. Are you mad?" "I'm not sure what I am yet. Tell me everything."After dropping Harry home, Claire's brain was. I knew what to do and I started sucking his big black dick, running my lips and tongue up and down it. This was his favorite position with him standing over me. I kneeled there enjoying Cam's dick but he pulled me off of him and told the other person, "Go ahead." Still blindfolded the stranger led me to the couch in my living room while I was on my knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard dick and placed my hands on it. Cam told to me to show him a good time so I did. I took.

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