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The large four poster bed I am standing next to has a soft patchwork quilt on it that I made for our anniversary. She smiles, teasing me as she slowly...peels off her shirt. I catch my breath when I realize that she hasn’t been wearing a bra all along. I was that close to her and I didn’t even know it. I peel off my t-shirt and smile at her as I fluff my hair back from my face. She reaches down and unfastens my jeans then pushes them down my legs. I step out of them and reach over to unzip her. ” Said Tammy. She walked passed me as I turned my head to look for the cam cord er. I slowly walked toward it, my cock swinging back n forth in front of the lens. I could see the red light was still flashing. I leaned down to make sure I was still in focus for Doug. I then walked over to the front of the leather couch. It was covered in sweat, sperm, and prego juices.Doug had asked me to tape everything. He knew I could not resist his wife. He wanted to watch everything I did to her. . “But it does have to be addressed. It’s kind of the one thing blocking complete serenity in our relationship. Anyway, back to the situation with Amelia. If Monica were to quit, it solves one tiny part of the problem, and removes some serious risk. But, to be honest, I’ll accept that risk for the hope that Monica being around a large group of open-minded people at NIKA helps her grow.”“Isn’t that difficult to do at her age?”“It’s difficult at any age,” I replied. “The difference is you get set. Da hatten sie weit weg gelebt, dort wo es kein Meer gab, aber große Häuser aus Stein. Mit ihren Eltern. Und dann waren sie weit gefahren, mit etwas dass die Erwachsenen Eisenbahn nannten. Irgendwann kamen sie am Meer an und stiegen in ein riesiges Schiff. Urlaub hieß das alles. Es war schön gewesen, alle hatten sich gefreut, bis zu dem Tag als das Wetter furchtbar schlecht wurde. Dann hatte es auch noch ein Feuer gegeben; alle rannten furchtbar durcheinander, alles wackelte und Bess hatte.

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