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But then he hid behind me as he noticed the customers looking at him. Alejandro and I laughed at his behavior.Conner was a shy 7 years old, smart but ...hy. I loved having him around, he is such a ball of happiness and sunshine.Al asked me to take care of Coni because he was going to a meeting with the teachers and the principal.I agreed only if he could read for me, we shacked hands with that deal and I was left to take care of Coni.I placed him on the counter table and put lemonade tea with his. Because this was a serious offence, Martha seemed to want to make a big show of the punishment. Half way through the morning, when they would usually have been relaxing, all the staff of the New House of Joy were told to assemble in the Choosing Room, where a whipping bench had been set up. When they were all present Martha gave a brief outline of what happened, although they had all heard the details already.Then she said to Jacqui, "Your first offence was letting a customer get you drunk; for. However, my disappointment soon disappeared and my heart began to race. I removed my swimming trunks to allow my cock some room to expand as it had already become erect in anticipation of what I was about to see. Through the top spy hole I had a fantastic, front on view, of her sturdy read swimsuit top, the cups fully covering her breasts. She reached behind and undid the clasp allowing her ample (DD cup) breasts to spill out right in front of my eyes. As I was only a few inches away from her. I can’t complain. Hopefully, neither can you?”“I’ve certainly not had a holiday like it, Chris”“Me neither” we both jumped. Cheryl was right behind us. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. We saw you from the window of the launderette. Sarah is watching the washing.” I think we were both grateful we hadn’t mentioned what we’d actually done. We had a quick chat about what to eat tonight and agreed maybe we’d eat out, just the six of us.It was nice, we sat around the table and talked about the.

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