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" Becky said as she nodded her head.I looked over at Devin, I could see a buldge in his pants near his zipper. HIs dick must of been throbing, because...it looked like the bulge was moving up and down. I looked away and hoped that Becky didn't see it too.Becky got up and ran into her room as she jogged I could see her ass cheeks jiggle through her skin tight black shorts. I quickly pretend to read my magazine as I sensed Devin's eyes burning a hole through me. I glanced up to see if i was right.. His penis is darker than his body. I found a huge jungle of pubic hair at the bottom of it. It was more than normal. The thing surprised me that his balls are also covered by dark hair. It was new to me as i did not any hair on my balls. I asked him “don’t shave your pubic hair in your whole life?” He smiled but said nothing. I was getting a wet smell from his penis. Now i took the nice head of his penis inside my mouth. He gave a moan “aaaaahhh” i understood it was his first time that his. We were quiet for that matter, she kept her moans in check. She reached for my cock in my underwear after fondling it for some time she started to stroke it “Slowly”.I haven’t touched her breast yet and I was dying to because I love to suck the nipples and lick the bells. I whispered “Mujhe Ramesh or Suresh ki yaad aa rahi h”. She said “Pyaar karna unko, tere hi h”. I started to lick her neckline, while softly moving the tip of my finger over her boobs making her ready for the suck. I also. I began to pump harder and faster, she was squealing with delight and tearing at my back as I pounded her with my teeth clamped onto her neck. I then leant back and grabbed her legs, pushed them forward and re-adjusted myself so that i was in a pressup position and her legs were on my shoulders and began to give her deep hard strokes that pulled gasps out of her every time our pubic areas hit together. My love for rough sex then kicked in as i proceeded to grab her throat and squeeze tightly.

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