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Rahul cupped Debjani’s breastsand squeezed her…making Debjani squeal. Then madly they started kissing each other.Debjani lifted Rahul’s T shirt ...nd opened it.Rahul had a six pack body and hairs in the chest. Debjani madly started kissing her.Rahul: Debjani I want to see you naked.Debjani: fool…you have to proceed with these things with a girl. Rahul just over powered Debjani and opened her nightyShe stood in her bra panty.I could see the bulge in Rahuls pants. Debjani knelt forward and pulled. I knew my marriage would not ever, ever be the same once I stepped across that threshold. Robert's words rung loudly in my brain... "YOU WILL BE FUCKED!"I looked at my husband, asked him if he was coming then stepped through the door. The rest as we say is history. Robert came out on cue and began fondling me, then he forced me to my knees and made me suck his cock in front of Joe. He really did a number on me though. He rammed his whole cock down my throat and face fucked me, cumming in my. I left the game and went to one of the bathrooms to wash the blood off my hand. I was almost to the bathroom when I thought I saw my mother in the distance. I thought it couldn't be her, she was at work. As I got closer, sure enough it was my mom. She was sitting on a bench talking to this black dude that was a bagger at the super market. What was this all about. I didn't want her to see me so I hid in some bushes only ten yards across from where they sat. My mom is quite a knock out. Nice full. He wasn’t licking me, but he wasn’t running away so I think he was enjoying the feeling of my wet pussy and pussy hair rubbing on his face. I grabbed my ass cheeks with one hand and separated them, allowing the whole classroom to see my asshole. With the other hand, I slowly stuck my finger in my ass. I groaned as I started fingering my ass. I’m so horny! I need to cum now! I frantically started fingering my ass and grinding my pussy on the professor’s face. I could feel his mouth open and his.

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