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Rolling out of bed, he dressed and headed out of the room in his normal morning fog. He followed the smell of coffee to the dining room, where Marguer...te had set up a coffee urn.After drinking a cup, the fog started to evaporate and he became aware that John was seated at the table watching him with amusement. After refilling his cup, he looked at John and asked, “What?”Smiling, John replied, “You are just such a wreck in the morning.”As he worked on his second cup, Ed asked, “Any chance of. Then people were stopping and pointing, and I heard some wolf calls and whistling. This all made me soaking wet and very happy that I had thought of the towel.After a short time I noticed that I was being followed but a big black pick up. So I figured I would do what they do on the t.v. shows and movies, and made some random turns. I made a u-turn on Patton Avenue and he followed. I guess he figured he was spotted and started getting closer to me. Now I had not thought about something like. He needed her on her own. He needed to speak to her, to tell her it was a mistake; he was too pissed, too stoned. He did not know what was happening until it was too late. What the hell was she doing here anyway? They did not know each other, yet they sounded close right now. Hell, he did not even know her, she appeared from nowhere! Maybe he should just confront them both together? He couldn’t go back downstairs, Jacie’s mum had let him in, saying she was upstairs with Laura, she would be. Now guys i am telling you the story. That mourning as she was watching movie i went near to her to watch the same movie. My intention was not to watch movie but try to touch her body parts. As i told u i was quite frank with her i just told her to tease, this movie is not as good as ‘that movie’(my intention was sex tape of namrata). Then she replied yes its not as good as that movie. I again told her not that movie bhabi i mean ‘that movie’. She also said yes i am also talking about ‘that.

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