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The strands seem to dance across my flesh. I know now that you don’t want to cause me serious pain, just torment me more. Again and again you rain t...e flogger down on my bottom, I’m panting.“How many?” you pause to ask me.I have no idea. "Twenty?" I guess.“Wrong. We’ll go again. This time count,” I brace myself expecting another assault from the flogger to fall. My bottom is already hot and tingling, it won’t be so pleasurable this time.The first blow is unbelievable. I realise now that you’ve. "Yes, that must have been Finely," Cynara nodded, exchanging a glance with Charles before introducing him to Jane, "This is Charlie. Charlie, Jane." How do you do Lord Stanmore," Jane said properly, despite Cynara's informal introduction."Oh, you can call him Charlie, or Charles, it will get confusing if you call them all Lord Stanmore," Cynara told her friend, who looked hastily to Charles for his reaction.The man just smiled at her, and Jane was happy that she met such people that weren't so. When she opened the door and stepped in she could see them better, well dressed men and women with champagne flutes chit chatting and smiling as if it was some New York Cocktail Party. She felt completely out of place. She made her way through the crowd and couldn’t her but feel their eyes on her appraising her, judging her. She blushed, fiercely self-conscious, but she sought out Mr. Basilton. Perhaps he could explain the party.“Are you even eligible to bid on the auction?” a woman asked,A man. I should’ve known that such horrors would be waiting for me there. The family that I’d made had been shattered, the ashes of Alexa Jenania still blowing from the pyre. Faltia was ensconced in her grief, Kiera was in rehab, and Brianna and Eva were helping her. They only asked me to heal any damage done to her fetus by her indulgence in heroin, then they asked me to leave her alone. For all the barriers that we’d broken since that day I first visited, I was still an outsider in the sisterhood of.

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