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He was in just histee-shirt and boxers and handed me the clothes he removed. "Will you make sure these are cleaned. That is all." I suspect that Mr. H...lmes had me come to his bedroom just so I wouldbe made aware that he just had a wonderful date with my wife. As hehanded me his clothes I could smell my wife's perfume on them and seetraces of her lipstick around his mouth and on the collar of hisshirt. Those two certainly were not wasting time. I was hoping totell Ann of my first day as Mr.. I’d been dragged into their sex life, much to my enjoyment, but I still didn’t really know what was going on.It turns out the answer was pretty simple; my friend’s wife has an almost insatiable sex drive, my friend not so much. He loves her and wanted her to be happy, so he agreed she could pursue sex outside of their relationship. This is where I came in, as a person they were both comfortable with. I was a test of sorts to see whether he could handle her being with another man.Since then. Your pussy walls clamped down on me and when you came, it set me off as well. I dumped into you and then you blew it back at me with your own orgasm!" Oh no! I made a mess on you! I'm so sorry Master! I'll wash them for you don't worry!" she said, terribly concerned. "It's okay, slut. No harm done. They will wash out and be good as new. I'm more worried about you. How are you feeling?" I asked."I am all right, Master. Thank you for looking out for me." No need to thank me, that's what Masters. A minute later we were pulling into our driveway. My wife wanted out quick and actually climbed over me to get out and run into the house, no top, holding up her pants with one hand. Mike looked at me and started, "Hey, ah, I'm sorry," but I cut him off saying "For what ?". We both laughed, kind of in both relief and understanding, then went in the house. When we got to the living room, she came out of the bathroom, still topless. She walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and.

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