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Je r?pondis donc par l affirmative a lafois choquer par l intensit? de ses propos et coinc? par la peur qu'elleparle de mes actes vis a vis la premi?r... fois. Elle continua ?A partir demaintenant je veux que vous portiez vos petite culotte,compris? Et que vousayez vos orteil vernis,cela veux dire plus de chaussette a partir daujourd'hui, je vous trouverais quelque chose de plus convenable a porter.Mais ce soir je vous laisse partir vider juste votre poubelle demain je veuxvous voir t?t et pensez. He rambled on about life in Montreal and why he comes to Maine to vacation.I told him how much I enjoyed coming to Old Orchard Beach, and then explained about the family house. Continuing to engage him in small talk I went on telling him how being on vacation with the family was driving me stir-crazy, so occasionally I would go for long walks. He laughed as he made his move, “I love American women.” “Yeah, well I like Canadian men,” I replied wanting to keep him talking.He looked over at me. .. with me ....Annalisa had left my hotel room after our first meeting, but she’d promised to wake me up in the morning. I was curious, if and how she’d keep her promise ....Indeed: Early in the morning, reception desk called me ... Annalisa had arrived! I had them send her up, got up hastily, brushed my teeth and opened the windows to let in some fresh air. There was a knock at the door, I shouted :’Come in!’, and there she was again .... Again she looked at me shyly ... okay, she was wearing. ”Lauren hugged Daniel closer, kissing him on the cheek.“Why don’t you adopt her, like you did for me. I’m sure between us we could give her lots of attention.”She giggled, pulling Daniels chair away from the table and straddling his lap. She kissed him deeply, grinding her butt on his crotch, feeling him get hard beneath her. They kissed slowly, his hands reaching behind her, pulling the string of her bikini. Her breasts we free and she pressed them lovingly against his bare chest.“You should.

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