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That having been said, I am unable to contest the inevitability of her being eleven years my senior although in today's society such matters either in...favor of the male or the female seem of little concern to all concerned expect those persons with an agenda of jealousy for some reason or another.After having become fully acquainted with the mysteries of her nubile and still tight vagina, her delectable pucker with its propensity to blink non-stop when excited in fluttering waves of sheer. I could tell she was so ready for me but i grabbed her hand "come with me" i said she said "ok"we walked down stairs and back into my room i told her to lay next to Kelly who was already asleep so she did kelly was a heavy sleeperso i drug my bed over it was easier because it was on wheels to my sisters and tied them together i woke up kelly by putting my finger in her tight little ass hole she jumped and was scared that Sara was laying next to her "you know i heard you guys last night" Sara. "Maybe I'll loan you a pair of my panties for later."My cock twitched at those words and I groaned my appreciation at her efforts. She sat back on her heels and pulled my underwear down, letting my cock bob free. My 8-inch cock was standing tall. My "manscaping" efforts were not lost on her."Nice job with the trimwork," she said. My balls were shaved smooth and my pubic hair was trimmed in a neat rectangular "landing-strip" shape. "If I didn't know any better I'd think you were either a porn. Fitting in between numerous revelations, crash-landings and explosions...Tenchi came to realize, oddly enough, that it was that earlier existence which had been the illusion.The world he was now in some ways forced to live in was actually far closer to the truth!Worse, still! Only recently, he had begun to realize how comfortable he'd become with this new existence, in spite of the insanity!"The keeper has become one of the inmates!" He muttered, smiling ruefully. Sliding the entryway door.

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