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... maybe a bit" I laughed."It's OK I just wasn't expecting it". I could tell it had been 'OK'. His cock was stiffening.We both lay on the sleeping pa.... Naked. Facing each other. I took Mick's cock in my hand and started gently stroking it. He did the same."So... practicing.....?" Yeah, I've been putting my finger up my ass"I pretended to be insulted..."I think I'm a bit bigger than your finger"He gripped my cock harder as he stroked it."Yeah, much. I moved on after that, Ben. I used a carrot. AS I LUV TO GREED MY HUSBAND WHEN HE COMES HOME. I TAKE OFF MY CLOTHS AND JUMP IN THE SHOWER AS THE WATER DRIPS DOWN MY BODY I TEND TO GET REALLY HORNY AND REMEBER ALL THE TIMES WE FUCKED IN THE SHOWER. I WAS SO HORNY THINKING OF HES TOUCH AND HIS BIG COCK PRESSING ON MY ASS I WISHED HE WAS HOME SO I CAN GET A GOOD FUCKING THAT I NEED . HES BEEN WORKING REALLY LATE IN EFFORTS TO GET A PROMOTION SO HE IS HARDLY EVER HOME AND OUR SEX LIFE IS NOT THE SAME AFTER 10 YEARS WE WHERE LOOKING FOR THINGS. I mean that your body recognized the hormone injectionas a foreign body.All your white blood cells were mobilized to remove it. Hence thefever. Your body now seems to have an allergic reaction to thehormones." "So of course they must be discontinued" When you are well enough you can discuss it with the specialist."And off he went.BACK TO THE SPECIALIST."Hmm this is worse than I expected."I braced myself for the worst."OK doc, I can take it. What does this mean?" Have you ever seen the film. " There was no mistaking what he was trying to do,and I broke from my feeling of powerlessness to take a step forward. Yethe just grinned and went back to what he'd been doing. Two more times hetried it, each time Jane stopped him. He sped up, and Jane responded, clearly getting highly aroused by it all.I hated watching it, yet like the night in the club found myself alsokeyed up by the dirtiness and sheer taboo kinkiness of it. Then, as hewas clearly close, he pulled back and jerked.

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