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“How do those tea ceremonies work?”Kimiko laughed softly, “They take quite a bit of preparation, and are extremely formal. Done properly, they a...e in a ‘tea room’ which is used for no other purpose. They take hours and involve gifts and socializing, then a meal, and finally, the actual tea ceremony itself. To do one, I’d need utensils and ingredients, as well as proper clothing. If you’d like, I can ask my parents to use the tea room at our house in Columbus.”“I think I’d like that, but I’m not. She was a divorcee and had stayed at hometown for all the years. Except for some few trips to away towns, she had really never traveled outside her hometown.I was hoping, I can keep her happy and giving her the best that I could and keep her happy. I wanted her to enjoy the lost happiness and the tough time that she had especially after having gone through a divorce at an early married life.With all the good intentions, I rented a place and made arrangements with basic facilities and went to. And saying i love you darling i kissed her by pressing her back…and she responded…and in no time our tounges started fighting and our tounges were in each others mouth.exchanging our saliva and god she is master in kissing….then i took her to the bed room,and made her sleep on bed and i slept on her kissing…passionately …she responded so well,and i started taking off her top,she dint say anything as we became very close with our chat on sex daily…god the most beautiful girl with the bra on,and. It was slow and we were after Tony to go get dressed up he finally agreed and went into the bathroom. He wasnt in there long. He came back out in a bathrobe. He opened it expossing himself. “ Im a dirty old man” Okaayyy there it was right out there. It was a shock. We suspected Tony was not small but it was right there just hanging down. Even soft it was thick the head dipped below his swinging ball sack. We were shocked and what freaked us both out most was we stared at it. He lifted his sack.

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