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I half expected to get mauled by a black bear or a mountain lion. I cautiously turned around only to find it was Tessa. She was at the front end be...ween the vehicles and was squatting to pee. She watched me piss as her own golden stream irrigated the grasses below her. Her eyes didn't leave my cock until my piss dwindled and I shoved my cock back in my pants.She pulled up her own bottoms and approached. "That was hot. I liked you watching me, I liked watching you." She immediately. I said sweetly as I took his hand. He followed slightly behind me holding my hand we got some looks of disgust and looks that are worth a thousand words. How did he get her?! one guy in his early 30s said to his girlfriend. His girlfriend was not amused, let me tell you. As we got to my car Dan pulled me back to him, holding me close he gazed into my eyes as I looked up at him lovingly, he leaned down and kissed me so gently it felt like a dream. It was rudely interrupted by people passing by. 'As I finish speaking Marco pats the cushion again, so I sit."And, what did he say you were to do for me?" Marco asks me, his erectionalready evident in his light-blue worn jeans, tight across the crotch, ashe splays his legs."To serve, Sir," I reply softly, looking at my knees and biting my lowertrembling lip.And, it's good that he smiles in response, as if he hadn't I'm sure I'dhave suffered.My thoughts are confirmed, as he tells me, "You know I'll hurt you today,don't you Sissy Mandy?"Oh,. Both of them were wet and two fingers went into each twat easily. I pushed into Ula's wet cunt with my prick and began to slowly fuck her hole with the long strokes that she enjoyed. She had three fingers in each cunt and brought both girls to orgasms. As they were convulsing, she added a fourth finger to each one. On their next spasm, she folded her thumb to her palm and pushed into their cunts to her wrists. Both girls groaned with a combination of pain and arousal. One of them orgasmed again.

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