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After getting the shield I saw my phone she texted me she wants to go for dinner !! I took her to dinner and we ate !!! In the restaurant only I start...d to give her massage and all !! I was touching her hips and all…her leg and my leg were crossed !! After finishing eating I took her straight to my flat !! This time I played the music in advance only !! I wasted no time…pushed her in bed !! I was totally aroused by her sexy and curvy body !! I removed my shirt and went and played with her body. A few moments later I felt the wet tip of his BBC touching my hole. I started to push back, getting the tip in my hungry hole. Butt before I could get it in, he pulled away and said "I did not hear you beg to be fucked white boi!" I quickly said, "Sir please fuck me with your Big Black Dick, sir please I need your Big black dick in me, please sir." With that he grabbed my hips and gave me all of his dick deep and hard. As he was going in it hurt so bad I tried to pull away but he would not let. His wife died a long time ago, but I was more of a servant than a partner to him.”“Oh, so he doesn’t want you back then?”“Not that. He wants me to be happy and he ... we thought you were my best chance at that.”“Who is he. Do I know him?”“His name is David and you don’t know him. We first met in the supermarket.” Then the telephone rang and Wendy answered it....“Oh, it’s you.”...“Fine.”...“Yes, I told him.”...Turning to Rodney and holding out the ‘phone she said, “He wants to talk to. Once on the sidewalk, she grabbed his hand and started walking down the street. “Where are we going?” Dave asked “You’ll see,” was Leah’s reply, as they continued to walk down a few more blocks. They turned a corner, and he began to get the idea that they might be going to the adult theater that was still open. “Are we going to the adult theater?” he asked. She didn’t say anything, just squeezed his hand a little harder and picked up the pace. She soon turned to him and said, “I have wanted.

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