Exclusive desi couples in park, fingering by bf

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She turned onto her side under the covers, allowing her hand to press against her crotch, she was surprised to find herself a little wet. “I can fe...l you looking at me Jacie,” Laura said without turning, “I kinda like it!” Jacie froze, trying to drag her eyes to the floor. “I, er, noticed your knickers, er, sorry, I like the shape of them, they look comfy.” Jacie closed her eyes as she spoke. ‘What the fuck am I saying?’ She thought to herself. “Yeah, they’re my favourites!” Laura replied. His kisses were angry...like that music...like his body...like me. “Aaaahhh...” Such a strange sound to come from me. But I couldn’t have stopped myself even if I’d had some warning. I had to grab on to something. The damn pillow wasn’t sturdy enough. Suddenly he pulled out and my thighs clamped against his hips of their own volition. Guess I’ll never know which one of us was most shocked about the fact. Before I could even process it he was buried to the hilt inside of me again, his hips. I squeezed them both as my tongue darted around her c*** my nimble fingers rubbing and pulling on her now hard as stone nipples as I plunged my tongue between her labia her hands were now on the back of my head as she slightly arched her back as my tongue burrowed deeper into her hot juicy snatch.Oh she whimpered as her hands pulled on the back of my head as she slid her hips closer to my head my tongue working side to side as it pushed in and slid out up and then down her labia and around her. “You know, if we could hook her up with someone, do you think she’d soften up?” The second woman asked.“Yeah, maybe, but if it goes sour, she might come down even harder on us.”She didn’t notice.Gray read the woman’s face for a moment, noticing her curly shoulder length brown hair tied in a ponytail. She had adorable matching brown eyes and a mouth that made Gray think some not so pure thoughts.He absently finished bringing the chicken strip to his lips and ate while contemplating something.

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