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Not going too far, as it would spoil the anticipation. We could have long, slow, sensual kisses, and touch each other slowly and gently, exploring and...teasing, before becoming more urgent and frenzied. We would have to stop, so we could continue to the beach, which is where we want to be together. You pulling my hair and entering me roughly and pounding me with your hard cock, making me breathless with the urgency of it all. One we get to the beach, and kiss a bit more. We would make our way. We waved him off and continued walking. He thought to follow us and continue his tirade, but I looked back threateningly and raised NeedleThorn slightly to remind him I was carrying it. He stopped there and we moved on down The Gut.My desire to see the Summer Sea up close had me bypassing other interesting locations on The Gut, including Beletara Field. I may have mentioned somewhere that Arborians had three loves. Wine was definitely the culture's signature obsession, but horses and music were. If you want you can call me Henry like before." I could see the uncertainty and added, "If you like, you can call me Uncle Henry." This made the young girl smile and she felt much better.I got her dressed soon after and then we went to the cafeteria to eat. She walked along and got some of the new foods and usually picked small amounts so she could continue her quest to find the best tasting. I had to leave her to eat alone as more were revived. The computer could do this unassisted but I. Your touch was firm yet so tender and I let the mental door slam on my silly protests. You removed my pants and massaged my leg joints right at the crease where my ass meets my legs, occasionally brushing against my pussy, which was beginning to throb with the need to feel you touch it. You kept massaging and I felt my hips rise off the couch to offer you better access. You ran your fingers over my wet slit and it was as though a jolt of electricity went through my entire body, from my pussy.

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