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Those hours spent in Kurt’s bedroom were sure to cost me dearly. I could still feel him inside of me, and it made me ache in my heart. I was a diffe...ent woman this morning than I was yesterday: completely conflicted and fallen from grace. I sipped my coffee and evaluated myself. My reflection in the mirror looked the same. I knew I couldn’t see an “A” branded on my forehead, but it was certainly etched on my heart: adulterer. I knew despite my self loathing, that if Kurt desired me I would. "I don't know why you tried to struggle hun," Chrissy wondered, "afterall, you should be honoured to have such a magnificent ass to kiss!" She giggled and winked at Clair, as she let my arms go and stood up aswell."Get up!" Chrissy commanded and I obeyed, "now go get us some drinks, it's thirsty work teaching you some manners!" Yes Mistress Chrissy." I nodded and walked out to the kitchen to pour their drinks. As I did I studied the marks on my chest and belly where I had been whipped and saw. Sure enough, I hear a knock on my door, and he cracks the door open just enough to ask me. I didn't want to give him enough time to throw a load in the wash and risk his cum to be washed away so I told him I was going to shower later. He threw a thumbs up and closed my door. Shortly after I hear his music blasting from the bathroom and the shower turn on.I waited about five minutes just to make sure he was in the shower and bolted into his room. I located his underwear and gently grabbed then.. Her family were nudists becuase they didnt believe in wearing clothes. It was Judy, her husband Bob, their son Mark 8 and their daughter twins Sarah and Tara 17. Tara and Sarah had hot bodys and shaved while Judy was hairy which disgusted me. Then was nan and pop who were normal then my dads bro who was literally a millionare. He was John. He looked exactly like my dad and everyweek he gave me $200 for being me. Everyone was here exept my dad. It was 2 in the arvo and he still wasnt here. I.

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