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As a girl might do with herboyfriend on a first date."Do you mind if we go outside?" I ask him as he gives me a smile. Why ishe smiling like that?"No,...I don't mind at all," he says as we pick up our pints and go outinto the beer garden."So, do you come here a lot then babe?" I hear myself say as he laughs atmy sentence. I just look at him but then I realise how it sounds. Why didI just ask him that? And why did I call this guy a babe?"Yeah, all the time sweetie. I love coming here. Especially. He is a little pervert." I didn't care about his son. I was angry that he had a wife. She must be so beautiful to be with this man. I couldn't think of how many times he would slam his cock into her pussy. If he never did, then he had to be gay. He would be pretty hot for a gay. "Oh," was all I could say. His expression softened, and he took my hand in his. Holy shit. I'm getting wet all over again. "Don't worry; Ashley is rather on the nice side. You two will love each other. She is dying to. Anty poori pagal hue jaa rh th ekdum bhookhi sherni ki tarah aur sexy sexy awaaze nikaal rh th.. Maine dheere dheere fingring ki speed badha di.. Jaise hi kuch der baad anty chutne wali thi maine ungli nikal di.. Anty zor zor se chillane lgi k daal do ab apna land iss chhot me bujha do iski pyaas.. Ragad dalo aaj iss bhosdi ko.Fr main utha aur apne kapde utaare aur apna 6″ lamba land anty k hath me de dia. Anty land pakadte hi usse apne muh me le lie aur paglo ki tarah usse choosne lagi. Kasam. “I’ll be at your game Tuesday night,” she offered.“Not going to be at the pool tomorrow?” I wondered out loud.“I knew I’d be spent when I got home, so I took it off. I do work Tuesday,” she said enthusiastically.“I should stop by,” I said warmly.“You should,” she agreed. “And by the way, thank you so much for the daily notes, especially the last one,” she practically whispered.Color showed in my cheeks and I felt my chest tighten a little.“I just wanted you to know each day how I feel about.

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