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++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The next morning, I awoke and the boobs, long hair and hairless body werestill evident... I didn't even have any re-growth round my crotch, on mylegs or under my arms to let me know that things were on the mend.I phoned work and told them that I wasn't well and that I was going tosee the doctor."Doctor?" enquired Janice."Well, I might be off for a fortnight and I'll need him to sign me off.Plus there's the other problem." Ah," she. I'm a man," he began to chant silently. After the shot was administered he could feel the drugs at war with each other within him and though he became woozy and faint, his brain didn't turn to mush like it had the previous day. He did as Donna instructed him to: Look blank and stare straight ahead. This time around, however, the chit chat of the nurses and doctor around him was audible and understandable."What she's scheduled for today?" Lucille asked the doctor. "Bodywork II, Regression and. Asking all around town, He couldn’t find either one. His old teacher told him to get himself to the city, where there were bigger rooms, better jobs, and fancier restaurants.Arriving on the bus, Clem found an old paper with the help wanted section still attached. Trying all day to find a job, any job. At a hole in the wall cafe having a coffee, the old cook notices the sadness on his face.“What’s the matter” He asks.Clem says “Looking for a job, but nobody hiring.”The old cook writes down an. “Do you think your wife deserves a good spanking?”I smiled. “Definitely, Paulo. It’s not right to tease a man the way she teases you and then leave you high and dry.”He laughed. “Now there speaks a man after my own heart.”“Oi you two,” Sue said before laughing.~~~A short while later Paulo pulled into the car park of the Portimao Municipality Offices. and pointed at a wide alleyway. “That will take you into the market square,” he told us. “You have my number, Sue if you get lost but this place.

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