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When she returned she told her new client that she was going to give him a demonstration so he should just stand quietly in the corner and watch was all done. Then they would talk some more. She went out of the room again. This time when she returned a man was with her who just ignored Cletus and began taking his clothes off.Lucy knelt down and sucked on his man’s tallywhacker and it got long like Cletus’ did sometimes. Then she laid on the bed and he got between her legs and, sure. "... You did this to me??" Dave asked quietlyFee nodded and continued to smile at Dave."Please... let me out, I... I need to change," Dave softly admitted."Oh?" Fee retorted looking surprised. "Did you mess your cute littlediapers?"Dave shook his head. "No... I... I only peed but I will mess them if Idon't get out soon."Fee nodded. "Give me a big long cry when you do," she coldly said beforeleaving the room."HEY!!" Dave screamed as the door closed."...Hey..." Dave repeated softly realising Fee. I at least bought my knockoff from the Army Navy store, not some designer store somewhere. Since I was wearing tight jeans, I had to wear the upside down shoulder holster. I had a sloppy parka should I decide to leave the apartment which was a certainty. I could sit around the apartment with the .22 mag swinging but if I went downstairs I needed to cover it.I went down to the Pub for a consult with The Brit while they prepared for the evening. "Allan," I said since Jeremy was present, "What you. He also had old paintings hanging on the walls and an impressive chandelier hanging down the ceiling. This place reeked of power. It reminded me of the kind of study that the old Lords in Great Britain had.I noticed a framed black and white picture on his desk of a pretty woman; she seemed to be in her early twenties and looked vaguely familiar.He saw me looking at it and remarked with a sad voice, “That’s Sophie, my sister. Or better said, she was until she died.”I didn’t ask any other.

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