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"That was great Dove now crawl over here and beg too lick my cock clean" Yes, I will beg", she says as she crawls over to you, cum dripping off her fa...e.Looking up at you with her emerald eyes, she begs, "Please, please let me clean your cock off", and as she finishes a huge drop of cum drips from her face and splashes on her tits.Dr. Hayes smiles down at her "you may lick it clean, my sweet little Dove"Without any hesitation, she begins to suck the sides of his cock, bringing any and all. Our frat and their sorority are next to each other and given our common interests we had a monthly event called hot house. The first Saturday of every month our frat would turn up the heat in the house to be in the 80s and invite the girls over for noon. We would set up brunch, all nice and classily, but to enter the house you needed to lose your clothes, or for many of the girls, the robes they threw on leaving the house. We had all drank a few bloody Marys and were all hard or wet. The girls. His fingers pushed the thin fabric of the thong aside as he leaned his chest against my back to talk into my ear:“Now put my black cock where it belongs, bitch”. His cock was hard jutting between my legs as I reached between them and guided the head to my rear entrance. Then Jeremy pressed his hips forward just enough to push the head of his cock past my sphincter before stopping.He placed a hand on either side of my hips and grabbed the mattress as I pressed my body back against him, to make. He put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my black hair and began to pull my head back and forward along the length of hisnice fat cock. I mouth fucked him until I could feel his pre cum and the stood up.I led on the bed and said "got a special delivery for this" and pointed to my beautiful shaven pussy.He leant forward and began to give me the most wonderful experienec his tongue was so good and it wasnt long before I escaped intothe wonderful world of orgasm. I came nad pushed his.

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