"Glenda kept her eyes closed and focused on Professor Walker's voice. John could feel the girl relax as he moved his hands to guide her to kneel on th... floor, between Julie's legs. Julie smiled up at him, an evil gleam in her eye. He frowned and shook his head at her, she needs to learn patience."Open your eyes," Walker continued. "Now just lean forward and give Mistress Julie a kiss on the inside of her thigh."Julie pointed to a spot half way from her knee to her wet hungry pussy. Glenda. " Disgusting?" Kathy planted a big wet kiss on Christi's startled lips. "Is that any way to greet your fiancee?" Sweetheart? Fiancee? What are you talking about? You, you LESBO!" Christi shrieked and jumped behind the cheerleaders. "Keep her away from me, she's turned lesbo!" What's going on here?" Principal Krok pushed his way through the crowd of students that was watching the scene unfold."Oh, nothing, Mister Krok," Kathy respectfully lifted her skirt with both hands. "We're just --" Young. I went out back and let the dog into the house. We both headed to the kitchen to get some food, as I made myself a sandwich, which I shared with the dog.A short time later Katie came into the kitchen wearing a robe, and put her arms around my neck.“Daddy’s I am so sorry about what has happen.” She sobbed into my ear.“It is ok honey, I don’t blame you or your sister for this mess. I am just sorry that your mother dragged you both into it. It is not right for teenage girls to be used as sex toys. She stroked my face as she asked, "I need a favor from you, Susan has called in sick for Saturday. Would you please fill in for her, for me?"Susan was a student who worked Saturdays for extra money, I'd met her once and found her pretty hot but my interests had changed a lot since then.I figured I could always do with the extra money and it wasn't like I had anything else in my life except work and its occasional benefits. "Yes, of course," I did my best to appear grateful to her. It wouldn't.

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