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I was honestly too embarrassed about the condition of my penis!Anyway, if she wasn’t happy with state of my smile she didn’t seem worried about th... state of my penis. I must say she seemed to be enjoying herself, and I suppose if we can bring a little happiness into the world (even if it’s only by letting a girl have a good look at the size of your penis) it is a small achievement to have accomplished.“Bon. Ok - Sit down on the sofa” she said and she pointed to the couch. And she took a. Then he came and his hot cum was on my stomach and then I removed my dick and came on his chest. Then this time with a bit of reluctance from his side I made him lick up all the cum from both of our bodies and he admitted that it didn’t taste as bad as he thought to which I smiled. Then I saw his ass was all red and from this hard fucking session it was maybe a bit swollen also, so with the thought of teasing him further, I sat down and asked him to sleep on me backwards so his ass was on my. She slid my hand down and pressed it firmly into the now sweltering apex of her thighs and I swear I could feel every bit of her soft flesh pulsing against the denim of her jeans. She made a short, soft throat noise. “Please, Sam, I just need your hand for a minute. What do you say, just drive around a little bit and let me take care of this before I have to deal with people?” I swear I felt another pulse of flesh and warmth when she said “this.”In that moment, for all the increased arousal I. Mydad gave me a teddy bear to help keep me company. Since then it has beenone of my best friends. It is always there for me when I need someone tohug or to talk to."I turned to Megan once more. "Megan," I said. "This friend is for you.If you ever need anything in your life, this bear can help give it toyou. Hug it when you need a friend. Talk to it when you need someone tolisten. I still do that with the one my dad gave me, and now you haveyour own."I held the bear out to her and she took it.

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