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Squeezing some out on his fingers and dabbing a little on my tight little hole, I flinched. I knew what he was going to do, and as he moved closer, an... pressed the head of his cock against my butt hole, he quietly said, “Relax,” as he again lifted my legs up.Desperately trying to relax, knowing my ass was spread, I tried rocking back more, accepting what was going to happen. John pulled me closer, which raised my ass up more on the pillow. John now rested my heels on his shoulders, which made. As she was saying that it was wrong, I also began mumbling, “No. No, it’s not. I am not fucking you. It is a matter between our private parts and we should not be a party to it and stay out of it and clear”. Aunty kind of agreed to my thinking but then again denied saying no; I was not in my senses and did not understand that for the first time, I should have been with some virgin to make it a special and memorable fucking and I once again had to cut her saying, “She was so special for me and. Which gave me sensational feeling and gave more excitement. This time i wanted her to lick and suck the penis. She opened her mouth and took my penis tip inside her mouth. Her lips were on my penis and i could see her lipstick is partially on my penis. She started rubbing my balls with her hand while my penis was inside her mouth. Ahh… i couldn’t resist now but want to hit her.I made her lay straight on the bed with legs apart and wide-spread. Her pussy was looking at my hard penis. I started. Master strikes one more time and we cry out, ‘Twenty Master, thank You Master!’ Master drops the paddle back down on the bed and goes to get a drink. Sitting down, He looks at us still in position, panting and sweating. ‘Lay down on your backs, and legs open bitches. Make sure the clamps stay in place.’ We both sit up together, and looking at each other we try to work out how to lay down as Master has asked without causing each other more pain. Master’s sharp tone breaks our thoughts. ‘Hurry up.

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