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Tim just had the obligatory threemonths routine training for new slaves. Get up, girl, to let the master inspectyou". She rose gracefully and spread h...r legs as far as the chain allowed,but kept her head bowed. A thick mane of chestnut hair fell almost to her shoulders,her young breasts were firm, with prominent nipples pierced by two small steelrings, and her slender legs incredibly long, tapering down to well shaped feet.A typical teenage beauty. I went around her, appreciating her straight. There was no heating on and it had been a cold few days so not at all warm. He went back upstairs and turned out the lights, so I was in the pitch black. It does give the mind time to dwell on the situation. I knew that his bright ideas for a session would soon be revealed.On his return I was led out of the cell and was told that I was to receive 50 strokes of the strap because he thoght I needed it and he wanted me to have a good thrashing for his pleasure. Before this I was to be fitted with. I looked at her but she didn't stop talking so I slid my hand underneath the skirt past the top of her thigh highs and against her beautiful bare softness. As I reached the goal of touching her little girl panties and rested my finger against her pussy she looked at me quizzically but as she didn't move away I continued touching the crotch of her cotton panties and she smiled at me and unfolded her legs and parted her thighs "you know I'm not a virgin dad?" Tell me about the first time a man. As he stood there gazing at the kettle he groaned again; it was the recollection of his week-end misbehaviour at Winthrop’s; with Anita and Sybil’s sister-in-law Jane! How had Jane become involved in this affair for Christ sake! He knew of course; it all revolved around Winthrop Morgan.It was 8am as Jane Anderson gave her husband Jake a cheery wave as he drove off to work in his van.Things had been surprisingly sweet between them over the weekend considering the extra-marital activities they’d.

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