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”I got to my feet in front of Ethan not feeling too embarrassed, probably because it had been funny watching him struggle, then both his hands went ...o the sides of my knickers and he slowly lowered them to the floor.Instinct told me to cover my pussy with my hands but I fought it and I stood there, completely naked, in front of the siting Ethan.Ethan just stared at me with a big smile on his face.“Say something Ethan.” I finally said, “before I get more embarrassed and run to my bedroom.”Ethan. Their sizewill increase and you will have to wear nursing bras.You will select, a male or female, to suckle at your breasts to drink themilk your are producing. The milk will accumulate every five days. Youcan wear your regular bras until your cups overflow making a larger sizenursing bra mandatory."(End of Will Sections pertaining to Surgery, WOT, SOFB)___________________________________________________I read my copy of this section of The Will, as if I hadn't alreadymemorized its contents. Britney was insatiable. My tongue was so tired I didn't think I'd be able to talk for days. Saturday we went to the store and picked up the ribs we had ordered for the cook-out. Sunday, Bruce and I played golf. Later that night Britney and I just took it easy knowing we had a big day ahead of us.Monday morning I slowly opened my eyes to bright rays of sunlight streaming in through the blinds. They filled the entire room with a warm, welcoming glow. I was lying on my side, spooning my lovely. Generally, she simply stirred in her sleep, opened her legs wider and just sighed in her sleep letting her precious drops of female juices fall on the inquisitive Great Dane’s thirsty tongue.The time came when Duke was scheduled to mount the Blue Ribbon female Great Dane bitch called Queenie when she fell ill from eating too much of cook’s beef stew after it had fallen accidentally from the stove during preparation for the festivities. They had sold almost five hundred tickets to the breeding.

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