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Just breathe, girl... "Pinch your nipples for me, Dominique," I said with a mouthful.She raised her hands to her breasts and did so without hesitation... "Th... Thank you, Sir," she whispered, gripping them tightly."Are you hungry, Dominique?" Mmmmm. Yes, Sir." Release them," I said, smiling down on her."Thank you, Sir." Even with her head down, I could see her grinning as she placed her hands on her thighs, palms down."You may look at me now," I said, and she did. "You mentioned before that you. " "Search teams have located the wreckage of three additional alien spacecraft since my initial report," Lieutenant Carstairs began. "All spacecraft unidentifiable and appear to have been abandoned for advanced periods of time. No traces of life forms in evidence." "This area of the galaxy is unknown to us," Ensign Nishioka said. "We cannot correlate our star charts with any of the suns visible to us. We are no longer in known space." The reports continued until all had finished. The Captain. I reacted without thinking and dropped the man with a move called Rokyo. It is a move where you take the wrist and lower arm locked under your arm like a newspaper and force him to the ground. Then I took the gun from his hand. By the time I had done that, it occurred to me that he was a cop. Another cop pointed his gun at me and said, "Drop that gun boy. You're under arrest, and so is your buddy the animal."I dropped the gun and put my hands in the air. Soon both the Porcupine hybrid and I. .Wow what a boob came out I was astonished by its beauty I had not seen such a beautiful boob it was erect and the nipples were light brownish in color and hard I caught hold of her nipple and squeezed it and I put my lips and kissed her boobs and took it in my mouth and sucking and squeezing the boobs She was pressing my head and playing with my hairs and pulling my hairs in ecstasy I now took her to the cot and made her lie down on the Cot and pulled her skirt down and inserted my hands in.

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