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We used to talk about our sexuality a lot with each other because we were really nervous about opening up to other people. Keep in mind that this was ...ecades ago, where two women being intimate together was a lot more taboo- so we played with each other. And now, obviously, she's happily married to another woman." "God, you and Aunt Helen together? I don't mean to be crude, but that's so hot," I replied. "The idea of two sisters having that kind of love and passion for each other is incredibly. My hand was working slowly up and down my cock and the pre cum was starting to appear on the tip.I had to have a taste and took her turd into my mouth like a cock and held it there letting it melt like chocolate.It was fairly bitter with just a touch of sweetness and slightly grainy.Again Joanna softly sighed and her hands were in her lap seemingly to be ever so slightly stroking her mound.I doubt if she was concious of it.The taste of her poop really had me going now and I was afraid I would. On one of our weekly weekend sleep overs, Ryan and I were looking and porn on my lab top. Both of us were getting horny and we were pitching tents. Usually, we would jack-off in front of each other (even on the same bed), but we never touched. During this night though, all of that changed.With looking at the porn, both of us started to undress and get comfortable. He was the first to get fully undressed. He pulled out his thick, veined, uncut cock as it smacked him on his stomach. When erect,. . and loop around my ankles. I would of course know this later as a hogtie, but at the time I just knew I was completely in his power. Now my movements were even more limited and I started to panic, jerking hard against these inescapable ropes. The tears came streaming down my face, and I began to scream. Dan was leaning back on his knees, looking me up and down, inspecting his work. My cries were completely ignored as he checked my bonds. Finally he was satisfied that I was completely subdued..

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