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My hand closes around the thick needy shaft, rises and falls in a slow squeeze. The fingertips of my free hand float over his bulging cock head.Less a minute later, my tongue dips into the little dent on his tip. I open wide and swallow his length."Oh, fuck," Reid grunts, gripping my braid and thrusting upward. I taste myself on its rugged thickness, slide off and lap teasingly under its stiff upper lip. "Suck me off, you little bitch." The leather upholstery buffers his moans as his prick. He requested my wife to come closer to her. There was no enough place for two people to sit, so they were both standing and he was standing behind her. He started to make massage on her back. I also thought he knew what he was doing.While he was doing massage on the center of her back, her bikini top fell down and she screamed. Kevin was very fast. He caught her breasts with his hands rapidly but very unluckily his towel fell down. I was just sitting opposite of them. He begged her to not to. You were I seem to recall a frequent visitor to this office. In fact I think I still have some of the snapshots that Mr. Alford used to take, you'll remember him I'm sure. No longer with us but his artistic legacy remains." What started to unfold surprised both Jane and the Headmaster although in slightly different ways. With each instruction Jane lost more and more of her garments. The clock seemed to wind back through the years as Jane fellows once again undressed herself while the Headmaster. I wanted all of her. I eased down between her luscious thighs. There I found a semi-large clit that was almost as hard as my cock. I put my mouth around it and Belle jerked.“Yes, Johnny, suck it. Make me cum. Take all of me”.I didn’t hesitate. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it like it was food. She squirmed and bucked saying things like, “Oh, Jesus! Suck it, Johnny. Make me cum”.I licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Belle finally gushed all over my face as I tried to drink it.

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