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My Dad said he was off out for a drink and he wanted us to come out for the night. I was about to say no when Julie said we would love to. I didn't wa...t to go out with my dad, we didn't see eye to eye on many things. But now I was committed to going. He drank his coffee and headed out to his car. Julie shouted to him that we would pick him up at 8.30. He acknowledged with a wave and drove off.Julie went straight up stairs for a shower as it was 6.30. I went up after her and had a shower. As I. She reacted as if a current wave passed through her body and in the process left out a moan. I removed my hand from her pussy and closed her mouth. I peeped through a gap to see what my cousin was up to. He looked around for few seconds but continued playing the game. Shailini took my fingers and started licking them. She licked all of them entirely and turned towards me. With great difficulty she out her knees over my shoulder in such a way that her pussy would end near my mouth and her face. He always had. ‘May I?’ he asked as he held out his hand. Reluctantly she handed it over to him. She fought to release it. He had as much right as she did. It was as special to him as it was to her. She watched as a huge tear trailed down his cheek. It dropped onto the material. Joined her own as the stain spread wider. ‘Perfect,’ he pronounced with finality. ‘Just like her, just like you.’ He brushed a soft kiss to the top of her head. ‘We have to go. Everyone is waiting.’ She shook her head.. Phatta de mere chooth ko. oh my pussy! Fuck my pussy. Fuuuuck it harder you mother fucker.fuck! fuck!fuck!fuck!OH!i love it.”My mommy knows most of the south Indian languages along with Hindi and English. With my friends, she is the real heroine. They become horny when they see her. They call her shabby-chic-mommy for the way she dresses, for the blow job she gives and the sex talk she gives. Sometimes when they go really horny, she lip locks with them and says ” Enough you fucker I’m like your.

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