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I told her I'd buy her something if she did a few barefoot dares. She again denied my request and said she's only barefoot because the flip flops hur... her feet. She walked in front of me and lifted her feet up higher teasing me with her now dirty soles. She looked back and asked if im enjoying the view. I said how can I not with soles like that. She started laughing. She said ok ok if you keep flattering me im going to have to do your dares. I said you have the prettiest feet in the whole. He/she sighed.Be advised, Kathy spoke in his mind, I think Suzie is horny, Laughter echoed in his head.Kurt spoke in Suzie's mind, If you want him then kiss him, between you and me, Sue he'll be putty to mold as we wish. Suzie smiled at the thought and leaning forward brushed her lips against Troy/Kathy's lips.Their mouths opened and forked tongues intertwined. Suzie reached down, following Kurt's instructions, and brushed her had across the material covering Troy/Kathy's male genitals.. There I stood in all my glory. Seeing my new body naked for the first time. I stood there awestruck. The teenaged innocence of the face belied the womanly body which hid beneath the clothes. Michelle's, now my, body was flawless. Only naked could I truly appreciate the loveliness of this body. Looking at my breasts I guessed I must be have been 36 inches and at least a b cup. I knelt and retrieved my discarded bra. I checked the tag for size to discover I was already a 36c at age 15. . Maria somehow managed to swallow and keep sucking me, so that the usual reaction to ejaculation of a softening penis didn’t happen, and she kept me very hard. Once she was sure that my erection was not going to go away, she let me go, and stepping away from her dress, lay back on the chaise longue, and asked me to fuck her. I expected her to be tight, the disparity in our sizes making that likely, and I could feel just how tight she was as my cock pressed between her pussy lips. I could feel,.

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