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He looked down with a seductice grin and nodded. “Open your mouth, my little whore.” She immediately obeyed, opening her mouth and taking the uncu... cock in. It barely fitted and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. Rachel accidentally moaned as her pussy pulsated, getting her panties wet. Benedikt held her long, curly hair in one hand above her head so it wouldn’t interfere with his view nor with her work.The Jewish slut felt the heavy dick growning in al directions as it got harder, making it hard. ---Chapter 9 - Pain...and Pleasure?The briefing concluded a little after one, and Jill led us out of theMedical wing and down the courtyard to a set of double doors with thewords 'Gymnasium' on it. Inside the doors was another small lobby withthree doors on the back wall. Nobody was currently there. The glass doorin the middle of the wall was labeled 'Office' and clearly led to anoffice. On the two opposite ends of the room, in the corners, were thetwo other doors. The one on the right was. However she decided togo ahead as it seemed to please Mark, and she was curious as to the contentsof the box anyway! Mark pulled out the garment that she would be wearing, it was a very small,white dress that she could see would barely cover her at the top or the bottom!There was no underwear though, the next thing that came out of the box wasa pair of black stiletto shoes, they looked higher than anything she ownedherself. Mark laid these on the sofa and looked back into the box with a smile!. “Look, I’m really sorry, I’m sure if you let me speak to my freinds we cansort something out."“Your friends have gone, they left you to carry the can, we found theirhotel, but they’ve already checked out. Sorry fuckface, you’re on your ownhere, but as you say, I’m sure we can work something out.”Now I stated to worry, I couldn’t believe that they would leave me likethis, well certainly not Ged, I looked over to the owner, “Ok, look, I don’thave much, but you can take what I have."He looked at.

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