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As I walked, I could feel thesnugness in my crotch caused by the tight trousers and my chastity cage. Ididn't really feel like I was wearing men's pa...ts. And to make mattersworse, in my mind, the jacket I wore was not nearly long enough to coverenough of my butt such that people standing behind me wouldn't notice thetight cut of my pants. I hated to even think what others would think. Ishut out of my mind the thought that I looked rather sissyish. But that iswhat I thought.As we entered. Normally I would have just quietly sighed and waited for her to get off the phone, but I was feeling kind of playful so I gave her pussy a few more gentle licks, half-expecting her to kick me or otherwise indicate "cut that out!" Instead, she thrust her pussy firmly down on my face, and while she was talking with "her man" I started to once again eat her in earnest. This was kind of fun, but nothing compared to what happened next: during the next pause in the conversation, while she was. It had a rounded mushroom shaped tip at the end much like a cock. When it reached her pussy lips and began to rub up and down her slit and spreading her pussy lips apart Maylene was shocked to find herself anticipating the entry of this new vine, her slim body shuddering in reaction to the stimulating sensations engulfing her. She could feel the tip probing her sensitive inner lips, occasionally lightly brushing across her increasing swelling clit. The vine un-erring found the entrance to her. The head board was banging the wall loudly as I heard Alex’s wail go to a scream, and with a mighty roar I finished in her, letting her shaking, convulsing body milk my cock as I dumped everything I had inside her.***Alexis Wash was beside herself, a she was quite mentally confused. In the last few weeks, she had been blackmailed into what was turning out to be the best sexual experience, or rather, experiences, of her life. And that did not include professionally. The strangest part was, she.

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