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The bed with its contrasting black sheets and white pillowcases looked straight out of a magazine. Well except for the semi naked man laying in it but...I suppose there are magazines that have those pictures,I decided to snap off a few photo's because this is how I want my room to look the next time I can convince my parents to do a make over. I took a couple of pictures and then Ric, still asleep, rolled over onto his back and flung the sheet away. Change the previous paragraphs semi naked to. ” Stevens clicked something and the vibrator came to life.Clarissa squirmed her body as the vibrator pleasured her most sensitive skin.“Stop this!” Clarissa hissed at her tormentor.“Oh, I will. Later. You’ll see.” Stevens smiled at her and fondled her breasts. She squirmed from his touch in vain. She gave a short scream when he started sucking her breasts.Clarissa started to moan as she felt the wave of passion inside her. She started clenching her toes and fists. She felt Stevens’ hands. He didn’t have much experience traveling south like that, except to visit Tim once, in his first life, when Tim lived south of Dallas.The break at the end of summer had come at a good time for Tim. All of his work had been finished on basically the same day. Not one person came calling after him demanding that he fix some problem. For the first time in a long time, he was free to do as he wanted. After busting his hump for two and a half months without reprieve, he had finished everything that. He tossed the rubber aside saying, “Let’s leave something for the next occupants to clean up!” I was a little shocked. I picked up my can of lager and tugged at the ringpull. “That was great, thanks,” I sighed, still recovering from the hard beating and fuck. He grabbed at his can. Those energy drinks don’t half smell strange, but then so did the pillbox. I traced my fingers through the sand, and then a little later he whispered, “Want some revenge then?” “You bet!” I said, staggering to my.

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