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They wound up at a nondescript building in the warehouse district of Atlanta, and both got out of the car and went inside. The inside of the warehouse...was a major surprise to Alice: it was rigged as a movie studio! Besides the camera crew and a few men in jeans and tee-shirts, several gorgeous men and women were standing around wearing nothing but light bath robes and flip-flops.The wife, Mary Hopkins, was directed to stand at the foot of a very large bed and to relax. The other actors would. This was one step and i remember going to the height of her brassierre and rubing the back of it and the side of the silky smooth material. It was not like having her top off and doing it but it was hot as could be as we kissed sloppily both of us panting and breathing heavy. I soon became aware she was moaning and realized she was climaxing!! With no control i felt my cock release hot stream after hot stream of thick white hot cum into my underware until we were both spent having both cum.. Annie, you could sleep nude, but then we’d be dressed and that wouldn’t be making you feel at home.’ Jenny said, ‘I know, we’ll all sleep nude then no one will feel bad.’ That brought both them to giggling fits. Now I’m normally not into giggling, but in truth, I was giggling with them. We stood there with both of them looking at me, so I took off my camisole and panties and stood there with my erection standing straight out. This was getting to be old hat for me. The two women stood there and. Fuck me! I've been thinking about that DICK ALL DAY!! That's why I'm here! FUCK ME!!" I but my DICK in his SMOOTH ROUND (now WET) ASS and he moans and groans "Yeah! That's it!! Yeah Fuck Me!! That's MY SPOT!! I then grab his FAT CUT HARD BLACK COCK and start to SUCK him while I'm FUCKING him! He says DAMN!! That feels SOOOO GOOD!! Yeah!! DO IT!!! Yes!!! All of a sudden as his HOLE OPENS & CLOSES on my COCK FEVERISHLY as he takes a long whiff of poppers! SUDDENLY his CUT BLACK COCK grows even.

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